Auricular Acupuncture for Musculo-skeletal conditions and pain management 4-Day Diploma Course


Next Course will run on 20 & 21 May and 3 & 4 June 2017

The course is a level-2 Auricular acupuncture course and is open for level-1 Auricular therapists with sufficient (ITEC level 3 or equivalent) Anatomy & Physiology knowledge and interest in MSK medicine. It is also suitable for acupuncture, massage and other physical therapists who want to broaden their knowledge and further their skills.The course is based on 4 7-hour sessions and further 42 hours home study.

The emphasis of the course falls on the practical application of auricular acupuncture for MSK pain conditions – how to locate the ear points and how to needle them. This is a level-2 auricular acupuncture course. It includes a short theoretical lecture during the first session, which covers basic anatomy of the ear, general concepts of TCM and auricular therapy, health and safety issues and contraindications for auricular acupuncture.

The remainder of the course concentrates on practical work – accurately selecting, locating and needling the auricular points used for MSK pain conditions. Developing good acupuncture technique will enable students to practice in this specialised area of auricular therapy with confidence.

Successful graduates will be awarded a Certificate in Auricular Acupuncture for Musculo-skelital Pain and will be entitled to use the initials Cert Au MSK after their names. They will be eligible for membership of the Acupuncture Society as Auricular Members and will be entitled to use the initials MAcS Au MSK after their names.